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Healing Interventions


The effect of physical and emotional trauma on the energy field is immense. Though there are predictable ways in which shock is recorded in the body/mind, the energetic signature of trauma is very unique and varies considerably from person to person according to their strengths, weaknesses and emotional conditioning.

"I have felt fortunate to be able to refer clients to Ursula who have suffered severe trauma and needed additional support to be able to participate more fully in the psychotherapeutic process." M. T., psychotherapist

Physical trauma: It seems obvious that a strong energetic impulse such as a blow, a fall or being thrown from a vehicle would create an enormous imbalance in the organism. Like in an earthquake or tornado, a sudden wave of energy is traveling through the organism, leaving a trail of destruction and change behind, which impacts every cell of the body/mind.

Though the body’s ability to recreate health is amazing, often the changes that occur during an accident solidify over time and contribute to further health problems.

If we track the energy after trauma, we can observe anything from a slowing down of vibration to trapped and frozen energy in certain areas of the field. Most commonly, a partial separation of the layers of the energy field takes place. This needs complete attention, because the emotional energy that was released during the accident can become encapsulated in the space between layers, diminishing the healthy overall flow of energy and function of the field.

Emotional and sexual trauma: The process is quite different and more complex when we deal with severe emotional trauma such as abandonment, betrayal and sexual or emotional abuse. Because another person is involved, we often observe an overlay of “foreign” energy and an energetic congestion that needs to be dealt with.

Emotional trauma shows in the emotional body and can be perceived as fine lines like in fractured glass or a broken mirror. In most instances, mending the emotional body after severe trauma is a complex and less predictable process. It requires patience, great sensitivity and respect for the client’s need for gentleness and safety.

It is important to understand that any trauma can be energetically perceived many years after it occurred, and consequently be treated years later. In fact, energy healing is one of the most powerful tools to either reduce the effects of trauma or - in many cases - repair the energy field so that full recovery can be accomplished.

Healing Interventions are Offered for

  • Childhood trauma
  • Sexual abuse
  • Accidents
  • Surgical trauma
  • Post-traumatic stress, including post-traumatic military stress