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Healing Interventions


"As soon as the surgeon made the incision, parts of the energy field started to separate from the body and collapse. I immediately focused my awareness on mending the energy grid, while at the same time amplifying the vital energy." Ursula Gilkeson

In the last ten years I carefully studied the immediate energetic effect of medical procedures such as surgery, chemo and radiation treatment on cancer patients and researched ways to positively influence or reverse their often compromising effect on the energy field. This included a variety of pre-surgical procedures.

My personal studies confirmed what research had already documented: Patients who actively prepare for any type of surgery are able to turn feelings of powerlessness and anxiety, which commonly precede surgery, into confidence and trust. As a result, they experience:

  • Less pre- and post-surgery anxiety
  • Reduced post-operative pain
  • Shorter recovery time and enhanced overall recovery
  • Less need for medication
  • Shorter hospital stays

With the skillful intervention of a healer, these healing benefits are greatly increased. Often the experience of healing through surgery begins or enhances a person's spiritual journey.

Support During Surgery

"I have been very favorably impressed with Ursula Gilkeson’s work. Patients seem to have a strong calmness and peace, which continues throughout the pre-op and post-op experience. Ursula’s skill in healing interventions is a gift." Amy Jew, surgeon

Preparing yourself consciously for surgery enables your body to powerfully align with its natural intelligence and ability to restore vitality and health.

Healing interventions include:

  • Pre-surgery meeting, energy assessment and initial energy treatment. This is such an important step because the pre-surgery treatment often reveals old trauma from past surgeries, which is still held in the body and needs to be released.
  • Energy healing during surgery - to adjust the patient’s electro-magnetic field.
  • Post-surgery treatment in the recovery room to help the patient recover from the effects of anesthesia on the energy field and begin process of healing.
  • Post-surgery session within a week after surgical procedure.

What Patients Have Said

"I was overwhelmed by the love I felt for my body when Ursula took me through the healing protocol. Her comforting touch allowed me to surrender to the surgery with great trust."

"The results were dramatic. I needed no pain medication. Within 24 hours I had complete mobility of my arm. The doctors and nurses who came to check on me were amazed."