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Healing Interventions

Personal Growth and Spiritual Development

Many ancient wisdom traditions describe our energy field, including our body, as a unique map. Spiritual in nature, it reflects universal principles and laws, which we can learn to interpret and apply in our personal growth and development.

When we are introduced to the idea that all our thoughts, emotions, feelings and beliefs, all our inner experiences – whether we interpret them as positive or negative – are energetically recorded in our energy field and can be accessed and transmuted, something deep inside may resonate strong enough to stir our curiosity, inviting us to explore the truth of these ancient teachings.

At this phase of your journey, energy healing offers a variety of safe tools to assist and guide you to transform limiting conditioning in your life. Through energy treatments, guided meditations and individualized healing exercises, designed to activate and expand your inner light, you will practice communicating and aligning with your spiritual essence.

As the contact with your essence deepens, you will find new answers to questions regarding your past, your relationships and unique gifts. It is a time in your spiritual development when the heart opens, old identifications drop away and an increased sense of harmony and inner peace becomes the new foundation of your life.

Teaching Points

  • Introduction to the energy field, especially the energy centers (chakra system)
  • The chakra’s response to the natural polarity of light and shadow
  • Exploring chakra polarities such as resistance/surrender, anger/ calmness, fear/ love, sorrow/ joy, hopelessness/ hope, heaviness/ lightness
  • Principles of transformation - turning challenges into opportunities for growth
  • Processing and releasing emotions, an essential step to achieve health and inner peace
  • Individualized energy exercises, designed to open the energy centers and transmute limiting emotions, thoughts and beliefs
  • The conscious use of spiritual light and color vibration to revitalize body and mind