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Healing Interventions

Mental Health Challenges

This is an area of energy healing where close collaboration with the prescribing physician and/or psychotherapist is essential, especially when a client has been diagnosed with clinical depression or an anxiety disorder.

The use of energy healing adjunct to traditional or alternative medical treatment is so beneficial, because it is a healing modality, which - by its very nature - addresses body, mind and spirit.

Unfortunately, it is not well known that there are unique changes in the energy field that can be observed when someone suffers from depression. First of all, depression registers predominantly in the area around the head and chest. The common symptoms of sadness, heaviness and difficulty/inability to take care of daily responsibilities, which clients experience during depression, show as defined vibrational changes in certain areas of the aura. What begins with an overall slowing down and loss of vibrancy in the movement of energy is often followed by an energetic compression and unnatural partial fusion of the energy levels in the area of the chest. This signifies a breakdown of communication within the energy system itself.

This fusion or energetic compression, which prevents the client from accessing higher levels of energy such as lightness or joy, needs to be addressed energetically.

Even with the intervention of an energy practitioner, healing from depression requires patience and committed participation of the client.

Healing Interventions for Depression

  1. Assessment of the energy field – evaluating the alignment and function of the chakras and their connection to the physical body
  2. Energy treatments, addressing the multiple layers of the illness 
    • Opening and activating unresponsive areas of the energy field
    • Re-establishing communication within the energy system so that the energy can flow freely again and support the healing process
    • Working with archetypes, color and light
  3. Exploring and transforming emotions, thought patterns and beliefs
  4. Individualized healing exercises
  5. Body-centered dreamwork

Healing Interventions for Anxiety Disorders

People who are challenged by anxiety disorders feel cut off from natural resources such as balanced perception, strength, courage and confidence. Instead, they frequently experience symptoms like excessive worry, restlessness, inability to sleep, depression, and the inability to make decisions and take care of their responsibilities.

All of this registers vibrationally in the energy field. Re-aligning the energy centers and opening the channels, in which these energies naturally flow, gradually restores emotional balance and health.

Children, who have been diagnosed with ADHD and related disorders, are often born with a very sensitive energy system. These refined energy systems do not tolerate chemical drugs very well but respond positively to energetic approaches such as energy healing, homeopathy and acupuncture.