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Healing Interventions

Chronic Illness

"The body is not a frozen sculpture. It is a river of information - a flowing organism empowered by millions of years of intelligence." Deepak Chopra, MD

Every illness has its energetic signature. Months before a serious illness manifests physically, a number of changes can already be sensed or observed in the energy field.

  • The energy movement is slowing down, especially in the energy centers (chakras) and energy channels
  • Blockages develop in chakras
  • Areas of the field show an increase of density
  • The natural color vibration starts to change in areas of the field
  • Colors appear, which indicate illness
  • Loss of overall vibrancy of the energy
  • Loss of vital energy
  • The communication between levels of the energy field, organs, is breaking down

These first energetic changes are typically experienced as increase of exhaustion, pain, inability to experience restorative sleep, lack of vital energy, sluggishness, depression and difficulty to think clearly.

How can Energy Healing Assist in Restoring Wellness?

Science-Based Perspectives

Energy healing is based on the concepts and laws of quantum physics and the laws of subtle energy.

The energy field - a highly organized system of energetic structures - holds the energetic blueprint or matrix for all healthy functions of the body/mind.

The healer is active at the quantum and electromagnetic level of reality, initiating changes through intention and precise communication with those aspects of the body/mind that are ready to be altered.

Energy is encoded with information, which can be clearly perceived. This includes information about the cause of health challenges.

Spiritual Perspectives

Energy healing is based on the understanding that our spiritual light or essence – whether we are consciously aware of it or not – is guiding the process of healing.

The healer ignites, opens or clears the natural pathways of light so that healing energy can circulate freely again, sustaining the body/mind with the energy/information it needs in order to heal.

Spiritual traditions describe this process as a gradual awakening to one’s deeper or true nature. For deeper exploration, see The Living Matrix: a film on the science of healing.

Healing – a Participatory Process

Transforming a serious illness is a complex process. Though you may feel much better already after a few treatments, exploring the cause of your illness requires perseverance, openness and willingness to change. In many ways, your effort is as important as the skills of the healer.

As all deep healing is a journey that takes you inward, you will be invited and guided to look at emotional patterns and limiting beliefs. They play a key role in the development and transformation of illness.

In a nurturing, safe and supportive environment you will learn what it means to heal from inside out.