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Healing Interventions


"In order for a person to heal, the body/mind needs to be spoken to in its own language, the language of light, color, sound, archetype and feeling, so that it can learn to vibrate again in harmony with all of creation." Ursula Gilkeson

My lifelong investigation into the complex nature of illness and its reflection in the human energy field has taught me that the cause of chronic disease such as cancer can be energetically understood and therefore often reversed.

From the perspective of a healer, the growth of a tumor is predictable up to a certain point. After that, it has its own "personality" or uniqueness. This means that, though there are general guidelines about how to work with cancer, each patient needs to be treated uniquely. This involves a healer’s skillful communication and interaction with the energy field of the person who is being treated and the patient's conscious participation in the healing process.

See the article “Bringing Spirit into Cancer Treatment,” by Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg in The Edge, April 2003.

My work with cancer patients, which always complements their traditional treatment protocols, is focused on activating the light matrix of the client’s energy field. I choose specific color frequencies, which are spiritual in nature, to create a highly harmonious resonant field in which the energetic qualities of the tumor can be altered. This process affirms balance, harmony and wholeness.


"When you think of chemo and radiation, you think of something being done to you, but with Ursula’s help it became something I could participate in. I was able to transform my anxiety." N. O.

Whenever possible, I choose to be with my clients during their first chemotherapy session. This gives me an opportunity to observe how the drugs affect them physically and emotionally.

Before the chemo is being applied, I charge the medicine with light and specific color frequencies, which I perceive as either missing in the energy field or creating the most harmonizing and vitalizing effect. Each client actively participates in this process.

The information gathered during chemo determines how to reduce the often harmful effects, which the drugs cause in the energy field.


My in-depth study of light and color frequencies has led me to develop highly effective treatments and healing practices. They are based on the understanding that spiritual light is the foundation of life and carries all the information the body needs in order to heal.

I intuitively perceive which color or sequence of color frequencies needs to be applied to stimulate the organs to release toxins, regain vitality and start shifting the organism back into healthy balance.