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Energy Healing

What is Transformative Energy Healing?

Energy healing provides an opportunity to explore and expand our understanding of the transformative nature of personal healing. When we start to deeply engage in the process of healing, all areas of our life are affected and our journey will lead us into unknown and uncharted territory for which we need a guide as well as a map.

As an experienced practitioner and teacher of energy healing, I offer a rich blend of healing tools. They have been designed to

  • Explore and address the root of the problem or illness
  • Activate and strengthen the body’s innate ability to transform illness and regain balance
  • Reconnect you with your spiritual nature/essence
  • Restore communication between the various aspects of self
  • Empower you to heal from within

It is my understanding that all true healing is about transformation. This occurs when we invite spirit into the areas of our lives where there are problems - physical, emotional or mental – with the intention to shift energy and expand consciousness. As much as the body stores information about the cause of a problem or an illness, the body also reveals what is needed in order to heal.

Most people I see choose to be consciously involved in their healing process. Healing becomes part of their inner growth and development, grounded in the belief that life is ever changing, evolving and rich in opportunities to deepen their understanding of their soul’s journey.

While the transmission of spiritual energy – the heart of energy healing – happens in an instant, the actual process of healing from trauma or disease is complex. Personal commitment to engage in the healing process is essential.

Through counseling and dreamwork, we will look at the emotional patterns and personal beliefs that may keep you from fully activating your healing potential.

I will carefully read and work with the layers of the energy field that need attention and are ready to be worked with. Using gentle touch, I activate or ignite pathways of light and work towards release and clearance of unsupportive energies.