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Energy Healing

Healing Tools

Energy Treatments and Counseling

Both healing modalities provide opportunities to explore through words, feelings or images, which often come up during treatment, how illness can be understood in the larger context of the client’s spiritual quest.

The purpose of the energy treatment is to open and ignite pathways of light within the energy field. This is essential because all energy – whether released from the body or drawn in for healing –flows through distinct channels, which have to be open and vibrant.

Using a variety of energetic tools, I focus during the treatments on:

  • Re-establishing and enhancing communication between the different layers of the energy field
  • Aligning the energy centers (chakras)
  • Stimulating release of emotional and mental energies that do not support change and healing
  • Activating healing potential
  • Increasing the flow of vital energy
  • Enhancing the activity of the immune system and vital organs
  • Encouraging compassionate and loving communication with one’s body


Counseling, which generally precedes the energy treatment, is an extension of the work that takes place during a treatment: exploring on a variety of levels what needs to be changed in one’s life in order to heal. Much attention is given to examining beliefs and engaging the client in creating emotional balance.

Individualized Healing Meditations and Imagery

Many clients experience the use of healing imagery and personalized healing meditations as very nurturing and empowering, especially when the imagery and colors reflect communication with deeper aspects of self or essence. I will guide you in this process.

Body-Centered Dreamwork

Dreams are commonly described as the language through which the soul communicates and informs the conscious self of the issues that need special attention in one’s life.  Learning to understand personal dream symbols and images can therefore become an essential tool in the healing process.

When listening to a dream, I carefully track the emotional energy in the client and observe which parts of the body show an energetic response. Knowing that the release of emotional energy is vital in the healing of chronic illness, I focus in the energy treatment on those areas of the body, stimulating emotional release so that the natural balance between body, mind and soul can be re-established.