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Energy Healing

A Healer's Understanding of Illness

"To create health, you need a new kind of knowledge, based on a deeper concept of life. You must be willing to have new perceptions that give rise to new solutions." Deepak Chopra, MD

More and more people feel empowered when they realize that they can actively participate in their healing process. When becoming ill and healing from illness is understood in the context of personal growth and spiritual development, many patients find the strength to transform even the most challenging health conditions.

This transformational work requires a close look at our thoughts and beliefs about illness and healing.

The statements below reflect my own search for meaning during all the years I have had an opportunity to assist my clients in their recovery from illness.

  • Illness is not just an expression of physical dysfunction, which can be fixed but rather a complex process indicating that the communication between body, mind and soul has become distorted or has broken down.
  • Illness teaches us to listen to the body as well as to the messages coming from the heart, mind and soul.
  • Symptoms themselves have meaning; they can be understood as symbols. When we do not try to suppress them, but rather invite them to speak to us, we can initiate true healing that enhances our lives.
  • A healer does not heal a person, but creates an energetic environment that supports a shift back to health.
  • Healers are trained to sense and interpret a wide variety of vibrations. (See FAQs) Often, this includes reading the frequencies emitted from organs and tissue or perceiving the energetic signature of a disease. The information the body communicates to the healer varies greatly. It may reveal past trauma, limiting beliefs or unprocessed emotions, which are known to precede or contribute to illness.
  • Transformation of illness requires active participation of the patient. A healer can influence the energy field in powerful ways, but in order to keep a new pattern in place or a higher vibration active, a patient has to learn to give compassionate attention to the needs of body, mind and soul.