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Energy Healing

Collaboration with Physicians & Therapists

For many years I have enjoyed collaborating with acupuncturists, allopathic, naturopathic, chiropractic physicians, surgeons and psychotherapists who understand the benefits of energy healing complementary to the medical services they offer.


I offer the following services upon request:

  • Assessing the energy field – identifying hidden trauma and imbalances; evaluating function and alignment of chakras; evaluating the quality and circulation of energy in various levels of the energy field
  • Supporting patients during surgery, chemotherapy and radiation
  • Initiating transformation and release of emotional energy held in the body after physical/emotional trauma
  • Offering energy healing during chronic illness, especially depression and anxiety disorders
    Helping clients to open to their emotional selves
  • Balancing physical and emotional sensitivities
  • Working with children who have been diagnosed with ADHD and related disorders

Please call me for further information about collaboration at 785–760–4503.

"Ursula is experienced and skilled in working jointly with both physicians and psychotherapists. Clients I referred to her who had suffered severe trauma and needed additional support were able to participate more fully in the psychotherapeutic process as a result of the energy treatments." V. S., psychotherapist