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About Ursula

Ursula Gilkeson

Ursula Gilkeson has been a practitioner and teacher of Energy Healing for 40 years. Trained in Europe in the physical/medical and spiritual aspects of energy healing, Naturopathic Medicine and Classical Homeopathy, she holds a degree from Germany in Natural Medicine. She was a co-founder of the Institute for Healing Studies.

Ursula’s extensive studies of light, color and sound frequencies and her ability to read and interpret the movement of energy have led her to develop highly effective treatments and healing practices, tailored to the needs of each patient. They have a profound impact on the recovery process of her clients - especially those undergoing surgery, chemo and radiation therapies.

Her deep understanding of the multi-layered nature of chronic illness and skill to activate a person’s potential to heal have qualified her to collaborate with psychotherapists, naturopaths, physicians and surgeons. She has worked numerous times as a healer in the operating room and feels at home in hospitals, oncology and cancer care centers.

Ursula is passionate about introducing Transformative Energy Healing to the medical community and hospice. She enjoys sharing her insights into the lesser-known aspects of the subtle anatomy with colleagues and students. Energy healers who want to expand their skills to become more familiar with the medical and spiritual aspects of energy healing are welcome to contact her.

"I would recommend Ursula to anyone who wants to bring the absolute best of energy healing potential into their treatment plan.  Her work is the wave of the future when it comes to combining the best of mainstream medicine with the best of alternative healing." C. G., cancer survivor